Welcome to the new Garland IT Site

April 4th, 2016 Posted by Directors Desk 0 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Garland IT Site”

I want to express my sincere thanks for visiting our new I.T. department site.  We established this site in order to provide a one-stop support of communication and I.T. systems to our subsidiary expansion.

Recently, I found myself reading a self-help article in TIME.  It was centered on “working smarter, not harder” and one particular anecdote stuck out to me which was “Make a ‘to don’t’ list.”  In this list contains all the things you shouldn’t waste your time on – useless tasks, unnecessary meetings, worthless phone calls, and so on.  And that’s when the light bulb turned on for me – not that you have worthless questions, but that we need to help save your time.  I realized that there should be a resource available to you to expedite the process for finding answers to your questions.

My hope is that this list of available technology resources and offerings saves you time to work smarter, not harder.  My hope is also that we become a valuable resource to you as well as a friendly partner.

Garland Industries strongly supports business success as a mission, by providing high quality and convenient I.T. solutions.  As we continue to grow, I hope for your continuous support to enable us to further improve our service to meet your demands.

Bruce Emrick

Director of IT

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