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PipelineDeals was designed to make sales teams more productive. PipelineDeals features deliver plenty of power to manage your sales process and learn from your data, but they never waste your time with unnecessary complexity.

PipelineDeals home dashboard chart

Bring your sales pipeline to life

Beautiful 3D charts in the Sales Dashboard on your PipelineDeals homepage show you where you are and where you’re going at a glance. Choose from seven charts displaying key pipeline metrics.


PipelineDeals email summary

Receive a daily pipeline snapshot

Every day PipelineDeals sends the Morning Coffee Report to your email inbox. This report provides an overview of the prior day’s progress and your latest sales pipeline numbers. It’s a great way to stay current and identify trends.


PipelineDeals deal profile page

Manage everything about a deal in one place

Each deal you add in PipelineDeals gets its own comprehensive page. With 12 standard data fields and up to 25 custom fields, you can track as much detail as you like. Deal pages also consolidate all activities, people, documents, tasks, and events.


View real-time deal status updates

From your PipelineDeals homepage, you can see all the latest activity on your deals. Managers can see activity on all their team deals, and Executives can see all deal activity company wide. Click on any item to go directly to the deal page and get more information.


Send trackable emails

PipelineDeals lets you send trackable email to your contacts and leads. Know immediately when your lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment.


Deal activity form

Launch email campaigns for sales

Use CRM filters to target and send emails to a group. Simple mail merge options make it easy to personalize your message.


Deal activity templates

Analyze the success of communication

PipelineDeals helps you understand which emails are successful. Use report analytics to know which emails are opened and what actions are taken.


Deal tasks

Get the full picture.

Track all your email messages, opens, clicks, and downloads automatically as activities in PipelineDeals. You’ll know who to advance through your pipeline and when to contact them.


Track outbound email

Standardize email for your team

Sales managers can create team templates and share them with the team. Take your most successful emails and improve the quality of email across the entire team.


Optimized for mobile browsers

When you log in to the website from your smartphone or tablet, we’ll automatically give you an optimized account view. No apps required. Our mobile site is specifically designed for iOS and Android, but it looks great on virtually any device.


Mobile website contacts

No additional cost

Unlike many competitors, PipelineDeals includes unlimited mobile access as part of our simple monthly pricing. That includes our free iPhone and Android app, as well as optimized mobile browser access.


Mobile push notifications

Set up text message reminders

Each user in PipelineDeals has the option to add a mobile number and activate SMS reminders. When this feature is active, you will receive a text message 15 minutes before any event on your PipelineDeals Calendar.


PipelineDeals iPhone app

Native iPhone and Android Apps

We’re excited to support native iPhone and Android Apps which provide a fast, optimized experience when accessing your PipelineDeals account on your iPhone or Android device. They’re free to download in the Apple App Store or at the Google Play Store.


Sage 300 Timberline Office

Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac) is a comprehensive business management solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses to keep the total cost of ownership low by supporting multiple technologies, databases, and operating systems.

Available in multiple editions, Sage 300 ERP gives you the opportunity to add users and adopt greater functionality as your business grows and offers built-in support for multiple languages and multi-currency transactions, so your business can comfortably reach around the globe.

A single view of your business

Easy to set up and to use, the Sage 300 ERP connects your entire business with a single, integrated solution that provides you with greater visibility, making it easier to share information and communicate. Over 45,000 small and medium-sized businesses across 150 countries around the globe use Sage 300 ERP solutions to unlock potential, reduce costs, and improve performance.


Faster, more informed collaboration and decision making

Make smarter, more confident business decisions faster than ever before. Transform disparate data into meaningful intelligence with the powerful analysis and reporting of Sage 300 ERP. With integrated business intelligence and reporting, you can selectively access critical data to identify issues early, make an accurate analysis, and take timely action to improve performance.


Control total cost of ownership

We believe your business management solution should support your business strategy — not hinder it or force you to buy what you don’t need. That’s why Sage 300 ERP offers you the flexibility to build the best possible solution for your business by giving you the freedom to select the edition (Sage 300 Standard, Advanced, or Premium ERP), database, modules, deployment method, and payment options that keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible.


Cost effective operations and distributions

Optimise operations and distribution processes to eliminate waste and deliver on time — every time. Sage 300 ERP Operations and Distribution Management modules ensure your business follows best practices for efficiency and accuracy by automating and integrating processes to keep your warehouse, inventory, production, and service departments aligned and running smoothly.


Sage X3

Sage X3 is quick to implement, easy to use and cost effective. It lets you integrate your business processes into one common system, accessed via a simple user interface. You’ll have a complete view of your business and customers in real time, so you can respond quickly to events and make decisions based on hard facts.

As your business grows, Sage ERP X3 adapts to your changing needs, enabling you to optimise the efficiency of your operations. With a choice of flexible implementation methods and services, and multi-language and legislation capabilities across multiple locations you’ll be able to find the best fit for your business both now and in the future.

An ideal solution for mid market companies and international subsidiaries, Sage X3 has:

  • Customers in over 100 countries worldwide
  • A network of more than 2,000 Sage professionals
  • 290 partners in its ecosystem.
  • Over 4,500 customers worldwide, with 219,000 users, who have already chosen this solution.

To Learn more about Sage X3, click here.


Sales Management Applications


Custom sales performance management applications built using the QlikView business intelligence and visualization software. These applications allow sales managers and executives to obtain high-level summaries of sales performance, then drill down to specific details to support strategic decision making. Metrics related to companies, sales representatives, and product categories can be reviewed and compared. Interactive maps display sales by size, location and population statistics.